Some of the fun leisure activities you can find in and around our hotel.

Glass art at the Crucible

The Crucible, a centre of creativity, focuses on fine art and glass art, and is located on a 5 acre plot that provides a tranquil, safe environment for artists and guests alike to enjoy.
We are one of very few public glass art centres in Gauteng, and everyday we introduce people to the magical process of creating glass art. By fostering camaraderie among glass artists, we are developing a glass art community and enriching the arts

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Johannesburg Bunny Park

Though not exactly an “upmarket venue”, the Bunny Park is a fun experience for young children from ages 3 – 10 as it is one of the few places that allows visitors to feed the animals.

So, pack up the kids and take a blanket and a picnic basket (take carrots ands lettuce for the animals) and take a trip to the Bunny Park.

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Acapilia Laser Clinic and Day Spa

A home away from home – only a few minutes away. Escape into the serene, tranquil world of relaxation and endless pampering. This world can only belong to Acapilia Laser Clinic and Day Spa, it is situated in the quiet suburb only minutes away from the buzz of Benoni’s CBD, where you could be working. The Spa is conveniently located in an area where our working clients can come in for treatments in between their work schedule.

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Lakeside Mall

Why not head down to the Lakeside Mall at the waterfront in Benoni for a remarkable day of shopping and entertainment. When you pull up to the large parking area you will feel as though you are on the Mississippi looking at an old Steam Boat.
The building has been designed in such a way that it resembles one of those magnificent paddle steamboats we have all seen in the movies. When you go inside, it is like stepping into the town of New Orleans itself.

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Microlight Scenic Flights

Soar over the Gauteng countryside with only the tune of the microlight’s engine in your ears as you embark on an excursion with Microlight Adventures. Based near Benoni and Petit in the East Rand of Johannesburg (Gauteng Province), Microlight Adventures offers local South Africans as well as international visitors a really special opportunity to see the land, and breathe in the crisp air as they soar high up over the fauna and flora of South Africa.

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Benoni Country Club

he Benoni Country Club was founded in 1906 as a nine-hole golf course for employees of the Van Ryn Mine following the discovery of gold on the East Rand. It was expanded into an 18-hole course three years later and has, over the years, become a favourite with golfers of all levels and is regularly ranked in the top 100 golf courses in South Africa.
One of the leading country clubs on the East Rand, Benoni Country Club offers not only golf, but also tennis, squash and bowls. Located in a quiet, leafy suburb of Benoni, the course is set on large, scenic grounds in which springbok, blesbok, duiker and steenbok can be seen grazing.

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Benoni Museum

The Benoni Museum is house in the old municipal health clinic on the corner of Elston Avenue and Rothsay Street. Opened in 1994 this museum displays an historical event which took place in 1922 – the Rand Revolt.
This strike took place in a number of mines throughout the Witwatesrand, the strike soon escalated into an open revolt between the armed miners and the South African army and police

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